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Naturehood is a community project from Earthwatch Europe, working to reverse wildlife decline.

Whether you’re in an urban jungle or country idyll, Naturehood is right up your street! We empower you to take positive action and connect with your community – we can make the biggest difference to wildlife when we work together.

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A pond in a garden with plants and ornaments

What's wrong with my pond?

Creating a pond for wildlife is one of the best things that you can do to help your local wildlife. But what do you do when it goes a bit wrong? This blog explores some common pond problems and suggests how you can solve them without breaking the bank.
Robin perched on branch against blue sky

Wellbeing in winter

By Kirsty Crawford, Senior Project Officer Citizen Science (The Conservation Volunteers & Earthwatch Europe) During these unprecedented times; a new lockdown coupled with the dark nights and colder days, we can find a combined negative effect on our mental health. The longer-term effects of this on our collective wellbeing is not yet known, but it is undoubtable that many of us will feel effects of low mood, anxiety and depression more strongly than before.
Tiger hugging a tree

2020: a year for wildlife?

2020 was a year that we will all remember. As well as looking back on lockdowns, social distancing and PPE, there are plenty of positive wildlife stories to remember too! Though it may not have been the promised ‘super year for nature’, there were some fantastic highlights for tree huggers…
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