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Naturehood is a community project from Earthwatch Europe, working to reverse wildlife decline.

Whether you’re in an urban jungle or country idyll, Naturehood is right up your street! We empower you to take positive action and connect with your community – we can make the biggest difference to wildlife when we work together.

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A clump of frogspawn

How to attract frogs

by Alex Acott, Naturehood community member If you want to attract any species, you will need to provide a reason for them to visit. 
A purple lythrum flower

Rain and gardens: a match made in heaven

by Daniel Vickers, Geography, Bangor University  Living in the United Kingdom, it is easy to see rain as just another type of weather that comes in a cycle, waterlogging gardens and making puddles. But alongside any nuisances, rain brings refreshment and life to gardens and wildlife alike.
A painted lady butterfly on a flower

Spring visitors

by Jess Creber, Animal Biology and Conservation, Oxford Brookes University As spring slowly but surely approaches, wildlife that escaped the cold to the south start to come north again.

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Unless otherwise credited, all illustrations © Chris Shields, and all wildlife photographs © Steven Falk
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